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If you have not already done so, it is important to make sure that you establish an oral health care checklist to keep your smile safe on a daily basis. For teens, this includes additional techniques to help keep your smile safe from enhanced risks that often first become present during the teen years. This can include lifestyle changes, physical changes, bad habits, peer pressure influences, and high-risk activities. Listed below are a few common risks to watch out for:

– Drugs are known vices for teens and pose as highly dangerous peer pressure risks that can severely handicap an individual’s oral health.
– Sports are a known cause of countless oral accidents and injuries and routinely lead to dental damage in teens. If you are involved in any contact sports or other similar activities, it is always imperative to wear the recommended safety equipment, including mouth guards and face masks.
– Exercise caution with unhealthy products and habits such as smoking or chewing tobacco as they can greatly influence a teen’s oral health and have several adverse consequences such as bad breath, stained teeth, and smelly clothing. In addition, they can cause future oral ailments such as cancer and tooth loss.
– Exercise caution as the last of your wisdom teeth become visible, due to the fact they can potentially increase the risk for tooth decay, infections, and potential malocclusions.
– Stay away from mouth jewelry such as lip and tongue rings, as they can greatly increase your risk for many oral health issues and problems including inflammation, lacerated gums, chipped or cracked teeth, choking hazards, and infectious diseases.

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